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Weight loss wraps are especially popular in health and fitness spas as a form of quick weight loss treatment. In today’s post we will show you how you can use them and make them at home as well as providing general information on them. We will focus on the ones that can be used for wrap weight loss. However they can also be used to help with cellulite, to detoxify your body and as a method of relaxation. Please keep in mind that the rapid weight loss from body wraps doesn´t come from actually losing fat, it is rather a product of losing excessive water.  Later we will provide our personal weight loss wraps review.

1. History of weight loss wraps

Back in the day they were mostly called herbal weight loss wraps. They were first used in the 1980s and became very popular during the 1990s as a method of quick weight loss. Weight loss wraps were usually promoted as a method of weight loss for women, but they also work great for men looking to shed extra pounds.

2. How weight loss wraps work

There are several ways in, which they can help. The most helpful being the squeezing pressure applied by the wraps. They should be applied very tight to increase this effect, the effect is also enhanced by the material used to make the wraps, for example if used with wet powdered clay the drying process of the clay will make them even tighter applying more pressure to the tissue were you want to lose weight. They also help by drawing out toxins and excessive water. This happens, because the pores of your skin are opened by the wraps allowing your body to lose toxins and water, the toxins and the water will then be absorbed by the wraps.

3. Homemade weight loss wraps

The wraps can be made with all kind of materials, the most common being powdered clay, honey, seaweed and French green clay. These materials are usually available at organic food stores and spa suppliers as well as over the internet. You should mix your basic material, for example honey, with water until you have a thin paste. Then the thin paste should be applied to a clean wet linen sheet. Now just wrap the sheet with the pasted side around the region of your body were you want lose weight, it is best to have someone helping you with the actual wrapping so it is possible to apply the weight loss wraps  tighter.  (Side note: To increase the benefits of the wraps you can also add high quality oils to the paste)

4. Aftercare

After approximately half an hour you should remove the weight loss wraps and take a hot shower to remove the remaining toxins from your skin. It is also advisable to use a skin care product after the process to keep your skin from drying too much.
Weight loss wraps can be applied once a week to maintain their effect. However you shouldn´t use them more often to avoid unnecessary skin stress.

5. Our weight loss wraps review

Do weight loss wraps work? Yes they do. However they are only a short term weight loss method. If you want to look good for example at your upcoming class reunion they are defiantly an option, but if you are looking to lose weight in the long run they aren´t.
We really enjoyed them, since they are very relaxing. Furthermore they are a form of natural weight loss and can be great for your skin. We would recommend them.

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  1. it is rather a product of losing Garcinia Cambogia excessive water. Later we will provide our personal weight loss wraps review.

  2. well now a days weight loss pills are not much useful as it is saying. i think naturally weight loss treatment and diet ffos can play a good role.


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