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Tea is becoming more and more a crucial aspect for people who want to lose weight, because as we have shown in our post about Oolong tea weight loss, tea belongs to the most efficient home remedy weight loss solutions. Furthermore using tea for weight loss is a safe weight loss method compared to industrial supplements sold by shady figures only caring for their profits.

Pu erh tea also called 'Bo Lai' tea in Cantonese is considered together with green tea and Oolong tea one of the best weight loss teas. In the following article we will provide you with all information needed on Pu erh tea weight loss its benefits and potential side effects. Furthermore we will provide a lot of general information on Pu erh tea like its origins as well as its production procedures.

1. Basic information on Pu erh tea (weight loss)

All forms of tea, whether Pu erh tea or Earl Grey, descend from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. If a product doesn´t come from Camellia Sinensis it is no tea, this basically means that all forms of herb / berry “tea” aren´t real teas. However most of the time they contain parts of the Camellia Sinensis so the product can have written tea on it, this isn´t the case with Pu erh tea that in fact is a real tea.

Pu erh tea belongs to the dark teas it is a fermented variety of it.  It is usually produced in the Yunnan province, which is a part of China. The tea leafs are most often handpicked later rolled and fermented, in this procedure the tea undergoes an oxidation process increasing its quality.
It has been used in China for its weight loss qualities for over 1000 years. Pu erh hasn´t been known in the west till the late 1990s due to trade restrictions.

Recently there have been products popping up calling themselves Pu erh weight loss tea and even whole diet systems giving themselves names like Pu erh tea weight loss system. In fact these special Pu erh weight loss teas only contain ordinary Pu erh tea, but they are sold for a higher price so watch out!

2. Pu erh tea weight loss benefits

Because of its special fermentation process, rolling then drying followed by ageing / oxidation, it contains a large amount of an enzyme called lipolytic enzyme. This enzyme is related to the body’s metabolism, meaning the calorie amount needed on a day to day basis to sustain your weight. In fact this enzyme is able to bind fat and thereby reducing the amount of calories your body is able to absorb, which leads to weight loss without the need to change your eating habits. However this effect lasts only as long as you consume Pu erh tea on a day to day basis. Furthermore can it reduce your cholesterol levels significantly.

Pu erh also contains large amounts of vitamin C and chlorophyll. These ingredients can help your body to digest and decompose fat.

Also other healthy benefits of tea in general sum up to aid you in your quest for weight loss.

3. Studies on Pu erh tea weight loss

In 2004 a study on Pu erh tea weight loss was conducted by an American institute. Fifteen men and women consumed Pu erh tea over a period of 12 weeks losing 4 - 5 pounds on average.  They consumed 3 cups a day, one in the morning, one after lunch and one after dinner. A test group consisting of 15 men and woman consumed 3 cups of coffee over the course of 12 weeks to exclude the possibility that the weight loss was only a result of the caffeine, which is contained by Pu erh tea.  (Side note: Caffeine is contained by all sorts of black tea)

Since this particular study several other studies were conducted to test Pu erh tea weight loss. They all had the same result, being that the participants lost several pounds over the course of several weeks.
So it is safe to say that Pu erh tea weight loss works.

4. Our opinion on Pu erh tea weight loss

We didn´t test Pu erh tea, but we tested Oolong tea weight loss in the past, which worked really well and is quite similar. Actually it proved itself as one of the fastest weight loss methods, however it doesn´t belong to the effective weight loss methods, because the weight loss is only temporally after we stopped drinking it on a regular basis we got our old weight back. Similar results can be expected with Pu erh tea weight loss.

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