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Using a fatty oil to lose weight can that even work? Is safflower oil just one of these overhyped weight loss products with no effect at all? What is sure is that safflower oil weight loss can be counted to the home remedies for weight loss, since it is a form of natural weight loss if it really works. Keep reading for an in-depth review on safflower oil for weight loss as well as general information on it.

1. Misconceptions regarding safflower oil (and fat in general)

Many people assume that fat will make you fat, but that is absolutely wrong. Unsaturated fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6 and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid, an agent promoted for rapid weight loss) are so called essential fatty acids, essential because no human being can life without them. Fat doesn´t make you fat even through magazines like to sell you that idea to keep you in the hamster wheel of trying to lose weight and the only way out is purchasing their magazines with the newest diet forms in them. However what makes you fat is an excessive amount of calories that are consumed.

They are not only a component of safflower oil for weight loss, unsaturated fatty acids can also be found in most types of fish as well as nuts and nearly all oils (e.g. olive oil). Furthermore they can be found in all fish oil weight loss supplements.

So in conclusion there are other options to gain those fatty acids then safflower oil or safflower oil weight loss products.

These fatty acids are also often associated with a lowering effect on the cancer and heart disease risk as well as lowered glucose levels. This is especially true for omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Types of safflower oil weight loss supplements

Safflower oil is available as simple liquid oil or as a specific weight loss supplement in form of pills. The price for the oil as well as the supplement varies, but in general the supplements branded safflower oils are much more expensive then the oil even though they contain the exact same substances.  It is advisable to buy the oil if you want to try it to save some money. The supplements don´t have any advantage over the oil. The oil as well as the supplements can be purchased over the internet and in certain grocery stores; you should be able to find the oil in most organic grocery stores.

3. Safflower oil weight loss effects

In 2006 a study was done by the Ohio State University to test the effects of safflower oil for weight loss. The subjects were given 6 servings of a safflower oil supplement a day over the course of 14 weeks. The servings were divided between meals and before bedtime. An equivalent dose of normal safflower oil would be 2 table spoons.

Subjects of the study lost around 3-4 pounds of body fat over the course of 14 weeks
The researchers concluded that safflower oil consumption triggers a certain hormone that is responsible for the faster and more efficient burning of body fat.

However there are significant weak points to that study. The study only had 55 participants, 20 of those participants dropped out before the study ended. Furthermore all participants have been women with type II diabetes; also they were encouraged to do more sport while the study lasted. They even received specific weight loss meal plans!

This leaves the study quite questionable for the purpose of testing the weight loss effect of the oil only. However it has been shown that it may work in addition to a healthy meal plan and lots of sport. But on its own safflower oil weight loss might be pointless, keep reading for our in-depth review on it.

4. Our safflower oil weight loss reviews

My wife and I tested safflower oil over the course of 16 weeks, each consuming 3 tablespoons a day. We used safflower seed oil that we had bought at an organic grocery store in our town. While we used safflower oil we weren´t on some sort of diet, also our jobs left us no time to do any sport at that time.

Safflower oil is easy to consume, because it doesn´t have any sort of smell or taste. We used it before breakfast, lunch and before we went to bed.

Our safflower oil for weight loss results were chastening we both didn´t lose a single pound during the course of 16 weeks. I even got heavier, weighing 2 pounds more than before this may be related to the higher calorie intake through the oil.

We didn´t notice any side effects or other problems while using safflower oil for weight loss purposes.
All in all we wouldn´t recommend it! Since it isn´t useful for the purpose of weight loss, however there are certain health benefits related to it. But these positive health effects can also be achieved by olive oil or flax seed oil, which are both much cheaper and easier to get than safflower oil.

Our recommendation save your money! This product belongs in the category of products that promise wonders but fail to deliver! The only ones benefiting from it are the ones who sell it.

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