We Made It! We Lost 38kg/84lbs. Together!

We made it! My husband and I lost 38kg (84lbs.) together AND SO CAN YOU! In the following article we are going to show you how we did it and how you can reach your personal weight loss goal, too. I lost 21 kg (46 lbs.) and my husband lost 17 kg (37 lbs.) over the course of 8 – 12 weeks. In addition my husband got lots of new muscle (I can see his abs for the first time now :) ) and my body has also changed a lot, I look much younger now plus my skin is much firmer!
Here is a picture of me before and after losing all that weight:

Our Story

I and my husband have been over weight our whole lives since childhood. However it got worse over the years. In the end we were both very unhappy and this troubled our marriage tremendously. Furthermore our self esteem had been very low resulting in us not leaving the house anymore. This resulted in losing contact to our friends and community. Also we couldn´t go shopping because normal clothing wasn´t an option anymore. Not to mention that we weren´t attracted to each other anymore. Also we didn´t appreciate each other anymore.
It was horrible, it was sad and finally it is over! 

How We Made It

So we wanted to change the situation. At first we tried all diets we could find, but we didn´t lose any weight. This is quite normal, since they aren´t meant to produce results, because if they would nobody would purchase the latest magazine or the newest wonder pill anymore. About this point in time we started this website to keep us motivated and to help other people.

A few weeks after this my husband purchased an online course on weight loss since he felt overstrained with the issue (me too by the way). At first I was very skeptical, because I thought it was just one of those typical weight loss scams. However it was the exact opposite. It was basically a very individualized form of assistance that worked out really well and I would highly recommend it! In fact I already recommended it to my best friend, who is very happy with it too and already made great progress (-8 kg/-20 lbs.).

Here I listed some of the programs advantages and disadvantages:


  • A little confusing in the beginning
  • A bit too much information at first


  • Once you get the hang of it, it will save you a lot of time
  • Offers mindset help
  • Produces results fast, we started losing weight right from the start
  • Very individualized
  • Cheap, because it’s like a nutrition expert combined with a personal trainer, hiring one of those costs you more per hour than the whole course.

However the most important advantage is that it really works unlike all of those diets found in the magazines or some wonder pills!

You can find a link to the course here:

Again we highly recommend this; of course this course is not necessary to lose weight or even to lose weight fast however it helps a lot!

Here you have a link to it again you should definitely at least check it out once: CLICK ME